Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we provide you with industry experts to serve as an extension of your own team. We provide real-world expertise, guidance and support in areas such as Design and Implementation, Operations Guidance, Site Reviews, Health Checks, and Troubleshooting.

We primarily consult, train and support platforms like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Azure. Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. But, due to our large network, we can provide experts on most Microsoft products and solutions.

Consulting done right.

Our consultants have deep knowledge and years of experience in the areas of Microsoft Infrastructure, Modern Desktop, and Cloud. For example, we consult on platforms like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Azure. Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Within our consulting offerings you find the following:

We provide well-proven designs and implementations that just works.

Our experts have performed literally hundreds of Windows 10 deployment and migration projects. Tap into our expertise and avoid common pitfalls.

From our many years in the field we provide great guidance for the many operation tasks involved in systems management.

Do you know the state of your ConfigMgr or MDT environment in details? How does it compare to today’s best practices? Is your ConfigMgr or MDT environment ready for tomorrows challenges?

Sign up for a health check, and you will get an assessment of your environment according to today’s best practices. You will get recommendations on the findings, and you will get guidance to take your environment to the next level and be ready for the future.

We take pride in providing world-class documentation and knowledge transfer in every project.

We provide the best trainers in the industry, and our training offerings ranges from workshops, to video-based trainings, to weeklong classes, to month long academies. All in different price ranges and delivery options. Our current offerings are trainings covering the following products and solutions

  • Windows 10 Deployment, Migration, and Servicing
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Azure
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Yes, we have been there. The long nights when everything that was supposed to work, simply did not. Over the years we have become true experts in quickly finding solutions for the problems you may run into. Purchase a support retainer from us, and you are only a chat, or call, or email, away from expert assistance. Our most popular support options are our support retainers, where you sign up for either 20, 40, or 80 hours of support that you can call from when needed.